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DNA test could boost IVF success rates without putting embryo at risk

A human embryo during the third day of its developmentJim Dyson/Getty Images By Clare Wilson TESTING DNA that is naturally discarded by embryos could safely reveal those produced using IVF that are most likely to lead to pregnancy. IVF doctors try to transfer only the healthiest embryos for pregnancy. DNA testing to identify such embryos is already available, but it has… Read More »

Stylist, 23, with severe cystic acne goes out without makeup for the FIRST TIME – Daily Mail

Stylist, 23, with severe cystic acne that is so painful she is sometimes unable to EAT goes out without makeup for the FIRST TIME after learning to embrace her skin Grace Nesbitt has suffered from the skin condition since she was in high school Spent years covering up with makeup but went bare face to… Read More »

Up to Date Without the Weight

It has been 42 days since latest doctor’s appointment. On day seven I started a no carb process with fasting. So I have been less than 15 grams of carbs a day for over 35 days. My struggle has been daunting with both diets at the same time. My stomach twisted and turned once again.… Read More »