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WuXi to build dedicated vaccine facility, but who’s the client?

WuXi Biologics says it will build a dedicated facility to manufacture a commercial vaccine product for a client in a contract that should produce $ 150 million a year for 20 years. It just didn’t identify the client. The Chinese CDMO Monday announced the letter of intent, saying WuXi Vaccines will build a vaccine manufacturing… Read More »

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Another Unaccounted Expense of the Flu Vaccine

Any time you undergo a medical procedure, including vaccination, there is a risk of side effects, ranging from mild to severe. This is particularly important to remember if you’re receiving the procedure outside of a medical space, such as is the case with an increasing number of vaccinations. Influenza vaccines, commonly referred to as flu… Read More »

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The HPV Vaccine Helps Prevent Cancer: When Should Your Child Get It?

By Ashley McClary, MD Have you heard? There’s a vaccine that may help prevent cancer for your child! The HPV vaccine has been part of the routine vaccine schedule for the past 12 years and is designed to protect your child from becoming infected with a virus that causes cancer. The HPV, or human papillomavirus,… Read More »

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