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This Woman's Lung Transplant Gave Her A Peanut Allergy – IFLScience

In terms of the effort-to-smugness ratio, becoming an organ donor is probably just about the best thing you can do with your time. It’s easy – you can sign up online if you don’t live somewhere with opt-out laws – it’s incredibly convenient, since you’ll be dead by the time the donation actually happens, and you… Read More »

This board game helps Brooklynites prepare for looming L-train shutdown

It’ll be an “L” of a time getting to Manhattan in 2019. But Brooklynites can now face their fear of April’s 15-month L-train shutdown with the new board game Escape From Hell. Despite its dreary premise, the non-MTA-sanctioned board is a colorful landscape. To play, roll the dice and move your hipster-themed token across the… Read More »