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As the deep chill thaws, stay vigilant to avoid catching a cold

The weather outside has been dangerously frightful for much of the nation. The extreme cold is also very dangerous for our health. There’s frost bite, hypothermia and increased risk for respiratory tract infections. “The extreme cold temperature effects white blood cells, so cold temperatures are a liability in fighting infection,” Dr. Len Horovitz, a pulmonologist… Read More »

4 Beauty Treatments That Are Here To Stay

Nowadays there are many ways you can enhance your look, and with social media bringing extra pressure to look perfect, beauty treatments are on the rise. There is no shortage of weird and wonderful treatments. From Miami to Mexico, everyone wants to try out the latest trends. Here’s a look at the latest beauty treatments… Read More »

How to Stay Healthy on Long Road Trips  

Long road trips give you a sense of freedom and enable you to see all the marvels made by Mother Nature and human beings. Trips are fun and entertaining and give you a chance to escape the boring, repetitive schedule. However, you need to stay healthy when on long road trips and safe as well.… Read More »