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Acupressure Helps Relieve Breast Cancer Treatment Symptoms (STUDY)

A study has found that acupressure could be a low-cost, DIY solution for a set of persistent side effects which remain after conventional treatment for breast cancer is completed. It was reported by researchers in 2016 that acupressure helped with a reduction of fatigue in breast cancer survivors. This current study examined how acupressure impacted… Read More »

This board game helps Brooklynites prepare for looming L-train shutdown

It’ll be an “L” of a time getting to Manhattan in 2019. But Brooklynites can now face their fear of April’s 15-month L-train shutdown with the new board game Escape From Hell. Despite its dreary premise, the non-MTA-sanctioned board is a colorful landscape. To play, roll the dice and move your hipster-themed token across the… Read More »

Software platform helps connect lung cancer patients, families

Patients with lung cancer and their families may soon have the ability to easily connect with others suffering from the disease. The ability to connect on a platform is expected to help patients and their caregivers to share their experiences on navigating the logistics and emotions of the diagnosis. LUNGevity Foundation, a cancer-focused not-for-profit organization,… Read More »