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Anthem finds competitive edge in offering employers integrated health benefits

Anthem executives Jeff Spahr and Nick Brecker discuss the integrated health benefits model. Anthem has found a competitive advantage in offering employers integrated health benefits for medical, vision, dental, pharmacy and other services, and in using the data to identify gaps in care across a billion-and-a-half claims a year. In 2018, Anthem identified 1.2 million… Read More »

Harvard study finds cells recall their early development

When cells grow up, they remember their childhoods. A new study has found that adult cells keep a record of which genes were activated during their early development. Even more surprisingly, the memory is retrievable: Under certain lab conditions, cells can play the story of their development in reverse, switching on genes that were active… Read More »

One in two childhood cancers go undiagnosed and untreated, study finds

Every year in the US alone, 1,800 children die of cancer – despite access to advanced care  A new Harvard University study found that the number of pediatric cancer cases around the wold has been grossly underestimated  There are nearly 400,000 cases globally each year – rather than 200,000 as previously thought  Between 2013 and… Read More »