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Gut in a rut? You might want to try the Low FODMAP Diet

Before research on the low FODMAP diet began at Monash University close to 14 years ago, there were inconclusive findings on which food components impacted irritable bowel syndrome. With consistent findings that “70 to 80 per cent of individuals with IBS will respond positively to a low FODMAP diet,” it has become “first-line therapy for… Read More »

11 Diet Changes to Make During Every Decade – Reader's Digest

Everyday Wellness Emily DiNuzzoDec 04 Healthy eating and proper nutrient balance is key for all decades of life—here are the extra diet changes by decade your body needs. In your 20s: Hone healthy habits Michelle Lee Photography/Shutterstock Your 20s are a tumultuous time that some even consider the toughest decade of their lives, the Guardian reports. Although… Read More »