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Obese children could now be assessed every year as we finally face up to problem

The latest stats on childhood obesity make frightening ­reading. A record number of 11 year olds are now classed as severely obese . Not just fat or obese, but severely obese. About 24,000 children are in this category. They face the likelihood of becoming obese adults and are ­candidates for Type 2 diabetes . The… Read More »

John Fitzsimons: 'How I'm helping our young children grieve following my wife's death'

John Fitzsimons was in awe of his kids’ bravery after telling them their mother had died. Photo: Caroline Quinn John Fitzsimons: ‘How I’m helping our young children grieve following my wife’s death’ Independent.ie It’s 7.15am on Thursday, December 22, 2016. I am sitting on the floor in my six-year-old daughter Ella’s bedroom at our home… Read More »

New federal guidelines suggest parents being introducing exercise to their children at age 3

Get your kid working out from 3 years old: New US guidelines LOWER the age to start exercising – as report shows just 1 in 5 teens meet fitness standards New physical guidelines were presented on Monday at the American Heart Association conference Old guidelines suggested getting children physically active at age six The updated ones have… Read More »