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Jenna Jameson is ‘back on the wagon’ after quitting keto diet: I was ‘eating like a crazed banshee’ – Fox News

Jenna Jameson can’t lose, even when she falls off the wagon. The former adult film star shared a confession with her social media followers on Sunday after recently revealing she had begun fasting intermittently again after losing her focus on her weight loss. JENNA JAMESON CELEBRATES DRAMATIC WEIGHT LOSS ON ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF STARTING THE… Read More »

Hungry After a Yoga Session? Time to Fuel

It is important to replenish your body to repair itself and avoid greater injuries after a workout session, yoga.  For daily requirements of carb intake after a yoga session:  Low-intensity yoga or activity recommended intake is 3–5 g per kg of body weight  Moderate yoga session (~1 h / day)-5-7 g per kg of body… Read More »

Teen Boy Miraculously Survives After 10-Inch Knife Impales His Face

Eli Gregg, a 15-year-old Kansas boy, is making a miraculous recovery after a 10-inch knife impaled his face. Doctors on Gregg’s medical team from the University of Kansas Health System were particularly concerned about his carotid artery, a major blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain. Doctors weigh in on why Gregg’s recovery is… Read More »