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Medical News Today: How your flu medicine can affect your heart

January is at the heart of the cold and flu season, and whenever the sneezing and coughing hits, we tend to stock up on anti-inflammatories and decongestants to help us fight these symptoms. However, the American Heart Association warn that these drugs can have unwanted effects on the heart. Some of the most common drugs… Read More »

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Type 2 diabetes: How do fructose-sweetened drinks affect risk?

A new review of existing studies published in The BMJ finds that sugary drinks that contain fructose raise the risk of type 2 diabetes more than other fructose-containing foods. New research finds that ‘nutrient-poor’ sweetened drinks have a harmful effect on metabolic health when they add excess energy. A range of recent studies has pointed… Read More »

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How Insomnia Can Affect Your Life Without Even Know It

by Alex Michel How Insomnia Can Affect Your Life Without Even Know It Insomnia is still one of the disorders which science struggles to explain the exact causes and even more to discover a cure. Sleeping is an essential activity for Man. Recurring lack of sleep may have dire consequences on the health and psychological… Read More »

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