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Biden echoes Obama to distinguish his healthcare plan from Bernie

Former Vice President Joe Biden contrasted his healthcare plan to fellow presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and said people would be allowed to keep their private insurers, evoking a promise once made by President Barack Obama regarding Obamacare. After releasing a healthcare plan that builds off Obamacare, Biden pushed to clarify to reporters Thursday that his… Read More »

New High-Res Holographic Microscope to Study Live Cells

July 18th, 2019 Medgadget Editors Genetics, Pathology Nanolive, a spinoff company of École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, has just introduced a holographic microscope that can image live cells at high resolution over extended time periods. Nanolive’s CX-A device relies on a low energy light beam to penetrate the sample, which does not… Read More »

Five states to speak in support of CVS\Aetna merger on Friday

The merger of CVS and Aetna heads back to federal court on Friday, as Judge Richard Leon will hear oral arguments from five states in support of the consolidation. Attorneys general from California, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Washington will get 10 minutes to speak in support of the Department of Justice’s final judgment allowing CVS… Read More »