Al Levin Interviews Justin Birckbichler | Testicular Cancer Survivor, Men’s Health Activist & Founder of a Ballsy Sense of Tumor

By | June 10, 2019

In this episode, Al interviews Good Men Project contributor Justin Birckbichler, testicular cancer survivor, men’s health activist, educational technology coach, and founder of A Ballsy Sense of Tumor (recorded 7-11-18). At age 25, Justin was informed that he had testicular cancer and would need to have a testicle removed. After ten weeks of chemotherapy, Justin soon realized that fighting cancer wasn’t as difficult as surviving cancer in regard to his mental and emotional health. Justin shares, very candidly, his story of cancer and depression.

Much of this passionate and outspoken men’s health and cancer activist’s work can be found on his website, A Ballsy Sense of Tumor. In addition, you’ll find Justin on Instagram, Facebook, and tweeting at @absotTC.

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